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Me and my family's pet site!

This is Mozart site!

Mozart is a real gentalman and wouldn't hurt afly even if the fly bit him on his bum.


Below:My mother and Mozart and Funny.
They are on the way for a walk in the woods and chase women, because Funny is little bit to young to have a date with.
Funny is little bit shy so she showing her bottom instead of her face, and mozart is heading for the camera person which is me.

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Mozart is a "camera flea" as we call it in Sweden.
He love cameras and don't mind that we take picture all the time.


Above Mozart and me are dancing with each other and we are really enjoying ourself our best.
You should see him when he are dancing alone!!!!


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This pic. is the best I think, and he is such a good looking lad.

Belove: Mozart love to be involve with us at the kitchen table and we are letting him as well.
This is my back and Mozart's back, and we are just talking to each other.
I miss him so much....


Below:This is Mozart's favorite toy's, mummy's slipper.
He like to bite on the bottom of our trouser and pull round our legs so we fall down on the floor, but it is fun, we don't hurt us self.
He bite so gentel.


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