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The big Q!

So here we have Sophe playing with one of her first favorite toys, Mr.Troll.
Now she is not even giving him a second look, I guess she has grown up and start practise hunting on us, which is very funny sometime.

Sophe is my little sweetheart!

Here we have Sophe playing with Mr.Mobile, and he have had to be put up with all sort of treatment that a kitten can give.
Of all my experience of cat's I think that Sophe is the one who have the most character of them all.
When we are in the bathroom she like to be in there as well, she sitting there and looking at us and sometime it look's like she is thinking " what are they for".
And sometime it comes alittle bit to much of water on her and she rush out and it take just about 1-2 minutes and she is back.
I love averytime it happend's.


Sophe like always, under everything she can reach....
She love's papper and plastic, she try anything that have a noise to it.
Don't you just love it when they trying to show off and half walking and running at the same time and they blowing them self up and walking side walk!!!! It is so funny....

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